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vii, viii, 71, 72, 75, 71
Newell, Edward Theodore, 1886-1941
Notebook of handwritten notes on ancient Greek coin hoards, including Aleppo, 1893; Afiun Kara Hissar, Arpagot, 1918; Adrianople; Asia Minor, 1929; Babylon, 1900; Byblus, 1931; Chalcis, 1935; Chalcidice (Olynthus?); Demanhur, 1900; Epidaurus, 1903; Gebal (Byblus), 1931; Homs, 1934; Homs, 1927; Khorsabad; Mesopotamia (Dunne); Nicomedia (probably Thessalian hoard); Tell Halaf, 1911; Thessalian, 1938. Also, one loose sheet of Pera Palace Hotel (Constantinople) letterhead containing four pages of notes labeled "Antioch" Hoard.